Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We interrupt your scheduled posts for a word from our sponsors!

Hey lovelies! I wanted to take a minute to share this awesome free newsletter with you! I know that I can be sucked into spending hours looking for the best apps to download and even then it's still a guessing game half the time, so when I was asked to check into appSmitten I was more then happy to do so! appSmitten does the work for you in sorting thru the tons of apps that are out there for the best of the best apps from education, games, recipes, etc. for the iPhone, iPad and Android. They then will send them to you in a newsletter, which you choose daily or weekly updates, how easy is that! I am smitten with it, since it helps me stay up to date with some awesome apps for my kids, organizing and games for free! If you want to check it out you can use this referral link here, but be aware that I will receive a small payment for subscribers. Let me know what you think of the program, I for one am enjoying it, ta!

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