Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Evidence, um I mean Stash

Hey lovelies! Phase 1 is done and now it is time to input all of my polishes into numbers. Holy cow, my stash has grown and is a little embarrassing. My kids decided that they needed to have their picture taken with the evidence for future hoarding intervention. My biggest collections are China Glaze, Cult Nails, Essie, OPI and Zoya. The sad thing is I left room when I put them back in the drawers because I know there will be additions to these in the first couple of months of the new year! Thanks for supporting my habit, ta!


  1. Fabulous! I can't believe how addicting it is myself. We need a Polish Addicts Anonymous.

  2. Wooooow! I just got my last two melmers (I'm up to six now!) and reorganized again, China Glaze is definitely my top brand, followed by Sinful Colors and OPI. :P

  3. Ok girls you are making me feel better!


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